PushtoDocuWare » The only DocuWare client application for the Scan Station 500
The only DocuWare client application for the Kodak Scan Station



  • Select PushtoDocuWare on the Kodak Scan Station 500.
  • For authentication into DocuWare, a user name and password is required.
  • Scan the document(s) to your PushtoDocuWare basket; select the DocuWare Filing Cabinet and press store.
  • Enter the index terms you want to use for the document via a virtual keyboard on the display screen or from the available select list(s).
  • Store the document with a touch of a button in the selected DocuWare Filing Cabinet making it immediately visible to all authorised users for further processing.


  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Easy to configure
  • Docuware authentication login
  • Supports JPG & TIFF image formats
  • Save scanned documents as one multiple-page TIFF or create individual documents as TIFF images
  • Scan in colour, greyscale, or black and white
  • Store scanned documents directly to any DocuWare Filing Cabinet
  • Simplify indexing with select lists as on DocuWare Client
  • Fixed entries allowed in the Store Dialog
  • Use over local area network (LAN)  or wide area network (WAN)


Using PushtoDocuWare with the Kodak Scan Station 500 means there is now an easy and convenient way of storing paper-based information in the DocuWare central document pool. The intuitive LCD colour touch screen makes it easy to accurately scan and index documents to the DocuWare Filing Cabinet — whilst at the scanner. PushtoDocuWare provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need for desktop scanning applications 
  • Scan, index and store documents into DocuWare direct from the Kodak Scan Station 500
  • Efficient, Productive, Easy-to-use Affordable
  • Timesaving storing of your paper documents
  • Immediate access to stored documents
  • Cut costs and reduce document process time
  • Walk-up departmental scanning without the need for a dedicated workstation
  • Removes the need for multiple stages when storing into DocuWare

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